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IFly gauge plugin FS9/FSX

For some time I have been developing a gauge / plugin for 737IFLy. It adds some features that I find very cool. (new suggestions are welcome)

Divide these functions into two groups: Sounds and Addins

Wiper Left (
Sons of the three phases)
Landing Light Switch  <Exclusive new sound>
Panel Light Switch
Logo Light Switch
Anti Collision Light Switch
Wing Light Switch
Taxi Light Switch
Engine1 Start Levers Switch 
<Exclusive new sound>
Engine2 Start Levers Switch  <Exclusive new sound>
MCP IAS Switches
MCP Heading Switch
MCP Altidute Switch
MCP VERT Speed Switch
Courses Switchs
Bank Limit Selector
Parking Brake Lever Switch 
<Exclusive new sound>


  • Packs Auto/Off
  • TO/GA Push
  • Radio Tuning knobs: NAV1,NAV2,ADF1ADF2,COMM1,COMM2 and Transponder
  • Speedbrake Armed and Disarm
  • knobs Baro/Radio and Baro Select
  • Disengage the autothrottle (disengage button located on the side of the throttle).


For now only Pause at Top of Descent (at 8nm)

To develop this, I had to learn a little of the language C, and include the following SDKs:

iFly737NG SDK  (by IFly Team. download at this forum)
FS Panels SDK  (by Microsoft.
FSUIPC SDK  (by Peter Dowson.
FMOD Audio Library  (Non-Commercial License, which allows software not intended for commercial distribution to use FMOD for free.

To install, just unzip in the root directory of your FSX/FS9.1 and put folow lines in end off section [VCockpit02] your panel.cfg

gaugeXX=IFLY_NG_GAUGE_PLUGIN!Sound, 0, 0

This gauge is a freeware, please do not re-upload or redistribute.

Update 1: 15/05/2011 20:30

DOWNLOAD [now working in FSX]

The updates will continue with the suggestions of users.

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